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By Laws 03 2014Create an e-library and add eBooks in any format.Foundation Documents34KBDOCDownload
20140318 PISA Distruptive Forces in US Healthcare vFDisruptive Forces in US Healthcare vF 2014-03-18 2014 Presentations5MBPDFDownload
Accenture-Great-Expectations-Why-Pharma-Companies-Cant-Ignore-Patient-SeAccenture: Great Expectations - Why Pharma Companies Cannot Ignore Patient...2014 Presentations2MBPDFDownload
PISA - Patient Services Survey_2014_Key Findings Overview - CLIENT DISTRIBUTION (2)Patient Services Survey 2014: Key Findings Overview - CLIENT DISTRIBUTION2014 Survey856KBPDFDownload
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Cloud Computing in Regulated Environment PISA March 2015 (final pdf)Cloud Computing in Regulated Environment 2015 (March)2015 Presentations1MBPDFDownload
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Conference 2015 Treasury ReportTreasury Report 2015 2015 Finance76KBPPTXDownload
CSL Company Overview - PISA Interview (140912)CSL Company Overview - PISA Interview (140912)2015 Presentations3MBPPTXDownload
eHI Covich Slides for PISA-3-15-15eHI Covich Slides 3-15-152015 Presentations675KBPDFDownload
Hospira Overview Presentation PISAHospira Overview Presentation PISA2015 Presentations2MBPPTXDownload
IT Survey Results 2014 v3IT Survey Results 2014 v32015 Survey607KBPDFDownload
IT Survey Results 2014 v3IT Survey Results 2014 v32015 Survey625KBPPTXDownload
PISA 990-N Filing for 2015Tax 990-N Filing for 20152015 Finance449KBPDFDownload
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Registration Form Only-PISA CONFERENCE 2015Registration Form 20152015 Meeting24KBPDFDownload
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2016 PISA Tax Filing 05.03.17Tax Filing 2016 (05.03.17)2016 Finance31KBPDFDownload
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eHealth & Digital —the Role of the CIO _3_11_2016eHealth & Digital: the Role of the CIO (3_11_2016)2016 Presentations740KBPDFDownload
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Griffiths-PISA-CloudCloud - Griffiths2016 Presentations1MBPDFDownload
PISA Agenda final 030816Agenda 2016 (0308)2016 Meeting202KBPDFDownload
Pisa Conference 2016 Treasury Report (2)Treasury Report 20162016 Meeting317KBPDFDownload
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PISA Meeting Minutes - March 13 2017Minutes 2017 (March 13)2017 Meeting20KBDOCXDownload
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2022-Mar-Annual-Meeting-FL-BudgetBudget - Annual Meeting Naples, FL March 20222021 Finance11KBXLSXDownload
PISA2021-Invoice-100-SanofiPISA2021-Invoice-100-Sanofi2021 Finance36KBPDFDownload
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BizLedIT-GARTNERBizLedIT GARTNER (2021)2021 Presentations399KBPDFDownload
BizLedIT-GARTNER-Executive-Summary-Business-Feb2021BizLedIT GARTNER Executive Summary (2021)2021 Presentations359KBPDFDownload
ByLaws-03-2014PISA ByLaws (March 2014)Foundation Documents34KBDOCDownload
Master Template-Informal Benchmark of Pharma IT SpendInformal Benchmark of Pharma IT Spend (Master Template)Benchmark of Pharma IT Spend12KBXLSXDownload
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